JT Network Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1994.

The company started out as an integrated investment-management firm. We began by specialising in strategic investment of brands and product development in the adult apparel and footwear manufacturing sector. With the accumulated years of experience in the manufacturing of export apparel and footwear for OEMs in Japan, Europe and USA, JT Network expanded into the retail sector.

With an in-house creative team, JT Network harnessed the expertise to create brands revolving around niche retail experiences.

This is the foundation on which DC Comics Super Heroes was built on. Further regional expansion and a foray into China, saw the birth of the Arsenal and Ford lifestyle concept stores.

Mission and Vision


Our Mission and Vision

We offer an ever-interesting portfolio of brands that are off the traditional fashion radar. We recreate a true-to-philosophy licensed fashion and lifestyle labels, out of brand stories that are not rooted in fashion.

In doing so, we create a fresh take on heritage and pop-culture icons, keeping true to their varied, storied past, while expanding their ever-bright future into astoundingly new terrains. We value quality in our products. We cultivate and maintain a certain level of culture and experience at the retail level. We treasure authenticity.

Henceforth, we seek to become the parts and the pieces of the histories that we sought to excite.